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Aurvis R&D

Aurvis is a research and development company specializing in computer vision and machine learning problems.
We develop automated and customized solutions for all kinds of advanced image and video processing problems. Some but not all of our past projects are presented in our R&D Solutions page: PixelScanner estimates very accurate and detailed models of real world objects using only their photographs. Stitcher stitches images in any color profile. LRSE is a stereo solver for low resolution images.

Aurvis is a research and development company whose activities are in Computer Vision and Machine Learning related software development. Our team, although small in number, is strongly research oriented and is composed of members who hold PhD degrees in Computer Vision.
With its strong background in R&D of more than 10 years, Aurvis provides products and consultancy services on topics related to Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing, Visualization and High Performance Computing.
Aurvis was founded in 2011 with the support of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey. Additionally, it has been supported by Microsoft and is being hosted within the Microsoft Innovation Center in Ankara.
Depth map is an image that encodes the information relating to the distances of the surfaces of scene objects from a viewpoint. LRSE, low resolution stereo estimator, is our near real-time low cost low power stereo solver low resolution images.
For more information check out the LowRes Stereo page.
Calibration is the process of finding the true parameters of a camera that produces a certain given image. Our solution to this problem is the PixelScanner-Poser. By using image information alone, it finds both the extrinsic and intrinsic parameters and outputs a sparse model of the scene, automatically.
For more information check out the PixelScanner page.
A point cloud model is a set of vertices in 3D space representing an object. It is the most basic form for model representation and they are most often created by 3D laser scanners. Our PixelScanner-Cloud software emulates this process by only making use of the captured images and generates a very dense oriented point cloud model without using any active device.
For more information check out the PixelScanner page.
A triangle mesh model is a collection of vertices and triangle faces that defines an object in 3D computer graphics. It is the most commonly used model representation in games, animations and any application that makes use of 3D models. Our PixelScanner - Mesh software automatically generates high quality textured mesh models of objects from their extracted point cloud models to address this requirements.
For more information check out the PixelScanner page.
Image stitching is the process of combining multiple images with overlapping fields of view to produce a panorama or a high resolution image. Our Stitcher software automatically calibrates images geometrically and photometrically and produces beautiful panoramas.

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